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Vita - Norman Behr (1981)

With a short break, he has been addicted to aquarium keeping and a general interest in fish since his childhood. This interest was aroused by his father, who, despite all the difficulties, always kept new, interesting fish in his aquariums in the former GDR. At this point, Norman came into contact with various whiptails, which would become his focus in later years. For more than 20 years now, he has been primarily looking after the multifaceted subfamily Loricariinae, which also includes the whiptails. He runs the corresponding website www.loricariinae.com on this topic. Norman worked as a software developer for many years and learned a lot about what it takes to set up a website. A couple of years ago he changed to the project management and is now responsible for the development of applications.
On the various trips to the countries of South America, catfishes of the subfamily Loricariinae are usually in the spotlight of his search. This is also reflected in the inhabitants of his aquariums. Mainly loricariids and very often species of the subfamily Loricariinae are found in his aquariums. He regularly publishes articles about the species in his aquariums and about the fishing trips to his fish's home countries. A focus for Norman for many years has been the so-called Pseudohemiodon group, whose species are unique in their shape and behavior. But genera of other catfish families also continue to receive attention, such as recently smaller Doradidae, Aspredinidae and, last but not least, Astroblepus. After three excursions to the high altitudes of the Andes, these, along with other species that are little known to aquariums, became the focus of these trips, which led to the development of another long-term project for the unique genus Astroblepus (www.astroblepus.com).

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